Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bowling For Soup!!

yesterday went like this:

-woke up/got ready
-helped boys pack car
-got coffee
-bought tequila/salt/limes/plastic dixie cups
-went to the hawthorne theater
-helped the boys unpack
-watched bowling for soup sound check
-gave them their gift from the boys (the tequila/salt/limes/cups; tequila is their favorite)
-hung out with the boys and my friend nikki
-waited a bit for the show to start
-went out side and waited in line to give em my ticket, and gave some friends some tickets
-watched the boys rock out! (they did awesomee!!)
-then some guy jumped off the stage with no warning (usually when people jump they give some warning) and he landed right on my head, i punched him in the arm and gave him a dead arm because i was really mad, and it hurt SUPER bad.
-felt better and watched bowling for soup rock out

then after the show is the best parts:

i found the boys signing as many things and taking as many pictures with people as bowling for soup
we stuck around and talked with bowling for soup
cj was commenting on how weird it was that the singer of bowling for soup took a picture of cj and a fan, and he just kept thinking 'wait, this should be the other way around, i should be taking a picture of her with him!'

and then...
they invited us on their tour bus, and we just hung with them until they left!
found out that the boys got paid more than they were originally going to be, and they also got rated very highly on some scale on their forms, and were commented on being 'very talented" on the forms and they are most likely going to be invited back for more shows at the hawthorne for more big shows in the future.
they also got some of the guys from bowling for soup's phone numbers.

The photo is of a friend and me on the tour bus with the singer and drummer from bowling for soup.

all in all, it was an amazing night and the guys from bowling for soup are super nice, and cj did great, and made some awesome connections :)


Tina said...

AMAZING!!! That's so awesome!!!

(how did you buy tequila?)

Re-Navy!! said...

omg! i am SUPER happy they got to perform and that they did well!! i REALLY wish i could have gone but i was kind of recovering from having a baby lol!